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Wizard Direct.
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Wizard Direct - General Guide
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Wizard Direct - Wizard CSV file

Wizard Direct - Update made on 10 May 2006


Wizard CSV files are data files containing the header information from the Wizard.

Since supplying the Wizard on the Internet at, we have had a number of requests to provide the information as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The requests have come from users who have developed selection systems in Excel and other spreadsheet packages, and are after an easier method of entering the Wizard data into these system.

CSV Files
A CSV file, or comma delimited file as they are sometimes called, is an industry standard file format for tranferring data. They can be used by a variety of programs, including all spreadsheets, such as Excel. An example Wizard CSV file for Randwick can be found here

Wizard CSV
The Wizard CSV files contain all the information that is currently in the Wizard Header, the Wizard Panel and the Jockey/Run Style Panel.

Purchasing Wizard CSV
The Wizard CSV files are another type of Wizard Direct file for a meeting. Simply include the Wizard CSV files in the list of Wizard Direct files you wish to purchase for a day.

Saving Wizard CSV files
After purchasing a Wizard CSV file you will be taken to the file screen where you will have links to any Wizard Header or Wizard Form purchased as well as links to the Wizard CSV files. RIGHT click on the Wizard CSV file link and then choose the option to "Save Target As". Select a location on your computer and save the file.

Using Wizard CSV files in Excel
To use a Wizard CSV file, run Excel, select "File|Open" and change the "files of type" to Text File (*.txt,*.prn, *.csv). Find the Wizard CSV file you downloaded and open it. Once open, we recommend that you save the file as an Excel Spreadsheet by selecting "File|Save as" and changing the file type to "Excel Workbook", rather than keeping it as a CSV file. Alternately, double clicking on a CSV file in Windows Explorer will generally open the file in Excel.

Wizard CSV files are intended for experienced computer users who require a fast means of getting wizard information into Excel. The staff at cannot provide any support on the use of these files. If you have questions we suggest posting these questions in the Wizard Forum so that other Wizard CSV users can help you in their use.



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