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Forum Rules and Policies


Rules Of Engagement

(by Warren Block, Publisher of the Wizard)

The Wizard Forum is an extension of the Wizard newspaper formguide. It follows from this that there is a rationale for the Forum's existence and there are standards which will be enforced.

First, the rationale.

The Wizard Forum has been made available through for the sole purpose of enabling Wizard enthusiasts to share, and deepen, their interest in horse race selecting and betting. The focus will be on Wizard content and the best uses to which it can be put.

Whilst Wizard staff will encourage and contribute to specific discussions, neither myself nor other Wizard contributors will enter into a discussion on this forum which involves an explanation as to why an individual runner/s was, or was not selected or rated highly, or vice versa.

Now, the Rules Of Engagement, Forum conventions and procedures.

There are a number of "rules" which will apply, and these "rules" will be enforced by myself as the publisher of the Wizard and the moderator of the Wizard Forum, for the ultimate benefit of all concerned. As well, certain procedures have to be followed by all parties if the Forum is to be a practical proposition in terms of the Wizard resources consumed in its maintenance.

1. There will be no toleration of abusive, racist, belittling, hateful, defamatory, threatening, derogatory, or any other form of offensive language. Too often a forum has been ruined by such expression and should any post arrive with this type of content it will be discarded without regard to its other content. Simple as that. I don't intend to run the risk of having my readers offended, embarrassed, or insulted when reading the Wizard Forum.

2. The purpose of the Wizard Forum is to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and experience with respect to race analysis and betting. There are pre-determined discussion categories that provide guidance as to the topics and discussions which are appropriate to the Wizard Forum.

3. There will be no reference to other internet sites or other commercial interests. There are other forums that provide for this type of content. Similarly, the Wizard Forum will not list the tips of posters for forthcoming races or conduct tipping competitions. Again, there are other forums that are happy to accept this type of post.

4. There can be no posting of copyrighted material that is not owned by the contributor unless it is taken directly from the Wizard Formguide and used solely for purposes of illustration.

5. The Wizard Forum is not a Chatroom so posters should be prepared to accept some delay in the posting of their contribution. If you want to engage in a rapid "real time" exchange of views there are other forums more suited to this form of dialogue. All potential posts to the Wizard Forum will be moderated to determine their suitability before they are posted. Moderation will occur five times a day.

6. The moderator reserves the right to remove any postings at any time and to refuse to post items from those contributors that have broken the Wizard Forum Rules of Engagement.

7. All contributors are solely responsible for the content of their own posts and by posting to the Wizard Forum you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions under which this forum operates and indemnify and the publisher of the Wizard Formguide against any claims which might be made as a result of the publication of your post.

Finally, and the publisher of the Wizard Formguide accept no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided by contributors.

These Rules of Engagement and procedures are designed to ensure that the discussion that takes place on the Wizard Forum is at all times conducted in an adult, civilised, and courteous manner. With the co-operation of all parties the Wizard Forum should benefit all users.