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Question & Answers

How much does the Wizard Cost?
The electronic Wizard costs $5.50 for a day. It does not matter how many meetings are on that day, it is still $5.50.

Do I need to buy every meeting for a day at one time?
No, once you have purchased a file for a meeting on a day, any other meetings for that day will be shown as no cost.

If I purchase the 4 metropolitan meetings on Thursday, how do I buy the other meetings on Friday?
Just go in and purchase the meetings like normal; as you have already bought a meeting for Saturday, the other Saturday meetings will be shown as no cost.

I don't like typing my credit card details in over the Internet.
Internet payments for are handled by the NAB's secure payment site, not But if you are still uncomfortable with entering credit card details over the Internet, you can phone our office during business hours and use your credit card over the phone or mail a cheque or money order.

What is the minimum amount I can put in my account?
The minimum amount you can deposit is $20.

What is different in the electronic version of the Wizard to the old paper version?
The electronic version of the Wizard contains the same information as the printed version. There have been some additions to the content that were possible because of the extra space the electronic version gave us. Click here for more.

How do I access the Wizard rewards?
The Wizard Rewards are available to anyone who purchased a Wizard in the previous week. You don't need to answer a question; the system will look at your account to determine your eligibility.

Can I get back copies of the Electronic Wizard?
Yes, in the Wizard section, there is a link to the wizard archive. The wizard archive contains all previous issues. That's every meeting covered since 2004.

When is the Wizard available on the Internet?
In general, the Wizard is available the day before, usually between 2 and 4pm. The four Saturday metropolitan meetings are available on Thursday. You can use the notification feature to have us email you when the files are available.

What is Superform?
Superform is a subscription service. Click here for more information.

What if I have more questions?
The Wizard Forum is the place to ask and get answers to questions.

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