What you can purchase

Successability provides the following products for purchase from the everyrace.com web site. All prices are in Australian dollars.


The Wizard is an electronic version of the popular Wizard form guide. The Wizard covers all Australian and New Zealand races covered by Tabcorp. The cost is $5.50 per day. Due to the size of the PDF files, they are split into individual meetings, then again into a file containing all the header panels for the meeting and another containing all the form. The Wizard also has a CSV file containing the header panel for use in spreadsheets. You can download all files for the day or just the meetings you are interested in. A summary version of the Wizard, called Wizard Personals is also available within the $5.50 charge.

Wizard Plus

Wizard Plus includes everything in the Wizard as well as a number of statistical reports, the ability to create your own report and access to Wizard live, an online version of the Wizard. Wizard Plus costs $11.00 per day.

Wizard Wrap

Wizard wrap is included in any Wizard or Wizard Plus purchase.  Wizard Wrap can be bought seperately for $2.20 per day.

Quick Form

Top four rated runners in all Australian and New Zealand races covered by Tabcorp. Quick Form costs $2.20 for meeting.

Ratings Plus

Report of all rated runners in all Australian and New Zealand races covered by Tabcorp. Ratings Plus costs $3.30 per meeting.


Ratings and race form information on all runners in all Australian and New Zealand races covered by Tabcorp. Pro Form costs $4.40 per meeting.


Superform is a subscription based product.  The cost is $21.50 per week.  This cost is reduced for longer subscription periods.


How to purchase products from this web site.

  • Before you can purchase or access anything from this web site, you must have registered and logged in. The login is at the top of every page.
  • Items are purchased from everyrace.com using an account system. You create an account by placing funds into it, then as you purchase products or services from the site, their cost is debited from you account balance. The minimum account payment is $20.00
  • To add funds to your account, click on the "Account" link and then "Pay Account" .
  • Accounts are protected by the password you used to register on the site. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure their password is not divulged to any other party. If you believe the privacy of your password has been compromised, contact us immediately so that you account can be secured against unwanted purchases.

Account Transactions

By clicking on the "Account" button, you can view recent debits and credits to your account. If you believe there is an error, please contact us during business hours.


At any stage a refund for the remaining balance of your Everyrace account can be obtained by contacting SuccessAbility.
There is no time limit to use the funds in your account.


All amounts are shown in Australian dollars (AUD).