Superform Online

ONLINE was Australia´s first online home based computer handicapping service. Today, 30 years after its launch ONLINE is the undisputed premier home computer based handicapping service. If you are going to use a computer service to handicap the races than you must have the very best. You must ensure that you have access to the very best data base. You must ensure that the computer programs you use are the finest and most flexible available. Finally, you must ensure that the supplementary and support services you receive from your race data supplier provide all the extra information and assistance you can possibly require.

In Australia there is only one answer....Superform ONLINE... since 1986 Australia´s premier home handicapping computer to computer service, and now totally revised for the needs of the handicapper in the 21st century.

To download the Superform Online software or the manual, follow the instructions below.

Software Installation

The installation process requires you to:
  • Download the handicapping software
  • Install the handicapping software
Step 1 - Download the software
The Superform Daily software is free to download and try with the example meeting included, but you must register at first.

Step 2 - Install the software
Minimise or close your browser and any other running programs so you can see your desktop.

If you saved the file to your desktop, a new ICON will be on the destop called ONLINESETUP.EXE. Double click on this icon and follow the instructions to install the software.

If you saved the file to a different location, you will go to that location (folder) and double click on the ONLINESETUP.EXE program.
Once the handicapping software is installed, you can delete the "ONLINESETUP.EXE" icon from your desktop or computer by right clicking on it and then choosing delete.

The Manual
The manual for Superform Online is available by clicking here. You may view, print or save it.