Average prizemoney - Results analysis

Wizard Daily Report and Research - Thursday, 11 January 2024.

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Average prizemoney - Results analysis

In this Daily Report, we look at the performance of the Starting Price (SP) Favourite and its success rate when ranked 1 to 4 on average prizemoney earned.

The are four groupings:

  • 1st on average prizemoney (1st APM)
  • 2nd on average prizemoney (2nd APM)
  • 3rd on average prizemoney (3rd APM)
  • 4th on average prizemoney (4th APM)

The results cover two full racing seasons, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

The analysis reports on the success rate of the Starting Price Favourite in terms of:

Location - this analysis looks at this success rate:

  • Overall all locations
  • Metropolitan racing
  • Provincial racing
  • Country racing

Age - the data is further broken down into three age groups:

  • 2yo gallopers
  • 3yo gallopers
  • 4yo+ gallopers

                                                                       Table - SP favourite performance and Average Prizemoney.

2yo1st APMWinwin%2nd APMWinwin%3rd APMWinwin%4th APMWinwin%
3yo1st APMWinwin%2nd APMWinwin%3rd APMWinwin%4th APMWinwin%
4yo+1st APMWinwin%2nd APMWinwin%3rd APMWinwin%4th APMWinwin%

* - insufficient runners for meaningful result

na - insufficient runners for meaningful result

Some take-aways from this analysis:

  • For 4yo+ gallopers, the success rate initially declines but steadies at 3rd and 4th ranked.
  • For 4yo's, the metropolitan strike rate is lower than non-metropolitan rates.
  • For 3yo's, win strikes rates show definite decline at 3rd and 4th ranked, compared to 1st and 2nd.
  • For 3yo's the provincial and country percentages are again higher than the metropolitan.

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