Track Conditions (State of Track) - Results analysis

Wizard Daily Report and Research - Saturday, 13 January 2024.

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Track Conditions (State of Track) - Results analysis

In this Daily Report, we look at the performance of the Starting Price (SP) Favourite and its success rate when racing on different track conditions.

The are four groupings:

  • 1-2 firm going
  • 3-4 good going
  • 5-7 soft track
  • 8-10 heavy track

The results cover two full racing seasons, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

The analysis reports on the success rate of the Starting Price Favourite in terms of:

Location - this analysis looks at this success rate:

  • Overall all locations
  • Metropolitan racing
  • Provincial racing
  • Country racing

Age - the data is further broken down into three age groups:

  • 2yo gallopers
  • 3yo gallopers
  • 4yo+ gallopers

                                                                         Table - SP favourite performance and Track Conditions (state of track)

2yoFm 1-2Winwin%Gd 3-4Winwin%Sf 5-7Winwin%Hy 8-10Winwin%
Metropolitanna  28110637.7%1847038.0%*782734.6%
Provincialna  2068641.7%2177333.6%*934245.2%
Countryna  1345541.0%1628150.0%*492244.9%
3yoFm 1-2Winwin%Gd 3-4Winwin%Sf 5-7Winwin%Hy 8-10Winwin%
Metropolitanna  134947935.5%74724833.2%2808931.8%
Provincialna  222286538.9%150956137.2%59022037.3%
Countryna  184077842.3%137253238.8%48118338.0%
4yo+Fm 1-2Winwin%Gd 3-4Winwin%Sf 5-7Winwin%Hy 8-10Winwin%
Metropolitanna  264692535.0%145644730.7%45514131.0%
Provincialna  3402113433.3%212068932.5%88229833.8%
Countryna  5699196234.4%2962103434.9%99533533.7%

* - insufficient runners for meaningful result

na - insufficient runners for meaningful result

Some take-aways from this analysis:

  • 3yo gallopers on the provincial and country tracks outperform the metropolitan 3yo's.
  • For 3yo gallopers there is a very marginal difference across the track conditions.
  • The 3yo's outperform the 4yo+ gallopers across all of the bands.
  • For 4yo+ gallopers, the strike rates are similar from good 3-4 to heavy 8-10.
  • With 4yo's, on wet tracks the provincial and country results shade the metrop result.

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