First Four Favourites - Weight Change, Trainers.

Wizard Daily Report and Research - Wednesday, 24 January 2024.

First Four Favourites - Weight Change, Trainers.

Continuing the Daily Reports that are now focusing on the first four Starting Price (SP) favourites.

The factor reported on today is:

  • Weight change.

Additionally, the analysis reports on the success rate of the first four Starting Price Favourites in terms of:


  • Metropolitan venues
  • Provincial meetings
  • Country meetings

The weight change ranges: (kilograms)

  • <3.0
  • -3.0 to -0.5
  • 0.0 to +2.5
  • +3.0 to +4.5
  • >4.5

The period covered is the last five years.

As well as the primary report this table includes the stats with the SP 1st favourite for the leading trainers in the five states on metropolitan, provincial, and country tracks over the last 5 years. (See the notes below.)

                                                          Table - First four favourites - metropolitan, provincial, country - weight change - trainers.

metrop1st fav2nd fav3rd fav4th fav WallerMaherGollanR & C Jolly Parnham
<-3.031.7%19.9%13.3%10.8% 38.1%26.3%*27.9%nana
-3.0 to -0.532.7%19.2%12.5%10.4% 32.1%31.9%39.5%37.0%46.2%
0.0 to +2.533.2%18.9%13.2%9.3% 31.7%36.3%41.3%39.5%33.8%
+3.0 to +4.532.2%18.0%13.5%9.2% 26.9%37.3%*41.2%nana
>+4.530.2%19.9%11.9%9.2% nanananana
provincial1st fav2nd fav3rd fav4th fav J CummingsHayes 2CurrieO'ConnorDurrant
<-3.030.3%18.5%12.9%10.8% nanananana
-3.0 to -0.534.8%19.5%13.7%9.2% 36.7%*34.6%30.9%na41.0%
0.0 to +2.535.1%20.3%13.3%9.2% 34.6%38.5%38.4%*41.9%32.8%
+3.0 to +4.532.8%18.9%14.4%9.3% nana*40.0%nana
>+4.534.2%21.5%15.4%10.7% nanananana
country1st fav2nd fav3rd fav4th fav LeesPrice 3nanana
<-3.034.0%20.6%13.6%10.4% nanananana
-3.0 to -0.533.5%19.1%14.2%10.7% 36.6%nananana
0.0 to +2.533.8%20.2%13.5%10.1% 40.5%30.5%nanana
+3.0 to +4.533.4%19.7%13.2%9.9% 42.1%nananana
>+4.533.5%19.7%14.3%10.1% nanananana

* - insufficient runners for meaningful result

na - insufficient runners for meaningful result

Notes on the individual trainers:

  • The leading trainer in the 2022-2023 season on each state's metro, provincial, and country tracks.
  • The stat refers to the trainer's record with 1st favourite only in the appropriate location.
  • As Maher- Eustace headed both metro and provincial in Victoria have covered BWJD Hayes (ranked 2nd) in the provincial category and Price-Kent (3rd) in the country category.
  • The minimum number of observations was set at 50, but in SA and WA had to drop that minimum to 30; also had to use 30 for the Hayes brothers.

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