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Melbourne Cup

The full coverage (ratings, form, comments, stats, etc) for the Melbourne Cup meeting on Tuesday will be available on Sunday afternoon, around the same time we produce the normal Monday Wizard and Wizard Plus files.

As part of this coverage there will be a Wizard Daily Report on Melbourne Cup favourites, also made available on Sunday.

Wizard Research Australian trainers analysed (Western Australia)

In this series of articles, we report on the best performing trainers in Australia - on metropolitan, provincial, and country tracks. Many of the names will be familiar to you, but there are others who are just as successful (in terms of strike rate) who simply fly under the radar. 

Today we look at the top trainers on Western Australian racetracks, in terms of race wins, for the 2022-2023 racing season.

In Western Australia 10 of the top 20 metropolitan trainers are also among the top twenty provincial area trainers. This number is lower than in the other states.

In Western Australia there was no runaway leader in the 2022-2023 table, unlike in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland where one stable dominated the metropolitan results. There was insufficient data on WA country racing to provide meaningful results and so the coverage has been limited to those stables with 10 or more winners for the season.

With respect to individual WA trainers, the Daniel and Ben Pearce stable does well with horses that are having their third or more run from a spell and are starting at odds between $2.00 and $5.90, but they need to be firmers. These runners recorded a strike rate close to 40%. Dan Morton is also interesting. When Wizard Plus has flagged a significant jockey engagement in the Wjktr column (shown in both the Wizard Plus Panel and Wizard Watch report) his strike rate has been around 30%; importantly the key odds range for these runners is the longer $6.00 to $9.90 range, and this has meant a 100% profit on turnover on these runners. These Dan Morton runners dont have to firm in the market to meet his Special Situation conditions.


 WA Trainers 2022-2023           
 Metropolitan   Provincial   Country   
1Neville Parnham596209.5Adam Durrant6033418.0Tom Pike2413917.3
2Simon A Miller4626717.2Daniel, Ben Pearce5625322.1Catherine Godden1310712.1
3Adam Durrant4334012.6Peter Fernie4226915.6Kevin Mahoney125521.8
4Daniel Morton3921718.0Steve Wolfe4022417.9Sean Rains114822.9
5Steve Wolfe3323713.9Roy Rogers4029213.7Malcolm Mackenzie108012.5
6Daniel, Ben Pearce3025311.9David Harrison3417219.8    
7Grant, Alana Williams2817116.4Neville Parnham2821712.9    
8David Harrison2623011.3Grant, Alana Williams2510922.9    
9Sean, Jake Casey2516315.3Daniel Morton2411620.7    
10Dion Luciani2210022.0Brett Pope1816610.8    
11Luke Fernie2017211.6Ashley Maley181829.9    
12Darren McAuliffe1912814.8Helen Harding162815.7    
13Chris, Michael Gangemi192039.4Josh Brown157819.2    
14Colin Webster1812614.3Jim Taylor147718.2    
15Michael Grantham149614.6Simon A Miller135424.1    
16Stephen Miller1411212.5Darryn Pateman139613.5    
17Ashley Maley141857.6Julia Martin125721.1    
18Trevor Andrews138314.6Carey Martin127815.4    
19Mitchell Pateman126717.9Michael Grantham118612.8    
20Michael Lane129213.0Tiamna Robertson119012.2