Substantial changes in Victorian trainer stats

Wizard Daily Report and Research - Tuesday, 7 November 2023 - R&R posted at noon daily.

  • Melbourne Cup How the favourites have fared.
  • Research - Australian Trainers examining the top trainers around Australia and how they perform in different locations and under different conditions.


Melbourne Cup The favourites

If you missed it, you can check out the record of Melbourne Cup favourites in recent years which was posted in Sunday's Wizard Daily Report. Just click on the Sunday tab above.


Wizard Research Australian trainers analysed - (Victoria trainers seasons comparison)

Today we look at the top trainers on Victorian metropolitan and country tracks, comparing results for the full 2022-2023 season to the current 2023-2024 season.

Some interesting changes. Patrick (Paddy) Payne has dropped out of the top 20 metropolitan rankings for this current season, but remains in the country listing. I think he is a very good trainer and I will be a little surprised if he is not in the metro top 20 before this seasons end. Danny O'Brien is having a good season; improved his metro ranking and his win strike rate which has gone from 7.4% to 14.8%. He has an even bigger improvement in the country classification. A stable in form.


 Victoria Trainers - seasonal comparison       
 Season 2022-2023  Current 2023-2024  Season 2022-2023  Current 2023-2024 
 Metropolitanwin% Metropolitanwin% Countrywin% Countrywin%
1C Maher, D Eustace14.7 C Maher, D Eustace11.8 C Maher, D Eustace23.4 C Maher, D Eustace18.9
2Peter G Moody17.3 Ben, Will, J D Hayes17.8 Ben, J D Hayes14.3 Ben, Will, J D Hayes19.5
3Ben, J D Hayes12.2 G Waterhouse, A Bott16.2 M Price, M Kent Jnr16.9 M Price, M Kent Jnr22.7
4James Cummings21.9 T Busuttin, N Young15.9 T Busuttin, N Young13.5 Danny O'Brien26.4
5M Price, M Kent Jnr13.9 P Moody, K Coleman10.9 Lindsey Smith22.1 R Griffiths, M de Kock24.4
6Patrick Payne13.6 M Price, M Kent Jnr13.3 Peter G Moody20.6 Paul Preusker15.5
7Michael Moroney11.0 Danny O'Brien14.8 R Griffiths, M de Kock13.5 Tony, Calvin McEvoy22.7
8T Busuttin, N Young10.6 Phillip Stokes11.1 Phillip Stokes17.9 Symon Wilde15.8
9Phillip Stokes11.4 James Cummings22.2 Paul Preusker14.0 P Moody, K Coleman18.6
10G Waterhouse, A Bott21.3 Chris Waller8.5 Tony, Calvin McEvoy16.7 Matt Cumani17.1
11Grahame Begg19.6 Anthony, Sam Freedman11.1 Matt Laurie20.2 Leon, Troy Corstens13.3
12Anthony, Sam Freedman8.6 Michael Moroney11.3 Symon Wilde13.2 T Busuttin, N Young12.0
13Chris Waller7.4 M, W, J Hawkes11.6 Greg Eurell16.0 Anthony, Sam Freedman21.8
14Danny O'Brien7.4 Henry Dwyer31.2 Anthony, Sam Freedman20.7 Henry Dwyer15.1
15Nick Ryan10.3 Matthew Ellerton13.3 Danny O'Brien12.8 Archie Alexander21.8
16M, W, J Hawkes9.0 Nick Ryan10.0 Patrick Payne17.1 Gavin Bedggood16.7
17Cindy Alderson18.0 Paul Preusker22.2 Leon, Troy Corstens14.7 Mitchell Freedman26.3
18R Griffiths, M de Kock6.3 Mark Walker33.3 Henry Dwyer12.0 Andrew Noblet27.0
19Peter, Paul Snowden12.3 Matt Laurie18.8 Andrew Bobbin8.9 Patrick Payne11.1
20Leon, Troy Corstens7.6 Symon Wilde15.0 Matthew Ellerton11.9 Phillip Stokes15.5