This jockey - I wonder how ???

Wizard Daily Report and Research -  Friday, 10 November 2023

  • This jockey - I wonder how ???
  • Research Trainers Key factors.
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This jockey - I wonder how ???

How often when analysing a race have you asked the question - I wonder how this jockey performs with this stable?

Wizard Plus provides this answer, and many others, in the wide range of daily reports produced for each meeting covered metropolitan, provincial, and country.

Looking at the Group 1 Champion Stakes at Flemington tomorrow, we can answer this type of question quickly and accurately.


How good has been the partnership between Ben Allen and trainer Enver Jusufovic in the past year? The answer is, 4 wins from 8 rides.


 Jockey Stats            
Last 12 months, 15 yearsTrainerHorseMetroGroup 1 Last 15y
1Jamie Kah42582544 28215.69137 6.6
2Kerrin McEvoy375.4944.443 5228.260568 10.6
3Billy Egan2321.7366.723 18512.4133 3
4Jamie Spencer0200600100137 2.7
5Ben Melham06000031 2591220233 8.6
6Ben Allen850742.913 1339.8154 1.9
7Blake Shinn00000068 40416.819319 6
8Michael Dee5810.300044 35812.311150 7.3
9Damien Oliver01001042 34412.247516 9.1
10James McDonald45 27216.5333.395 51618.479513 15.4
11Mark Zahra2100210034 2131625321 7.8

Then one click gives us the details of those 4 wins:

MVAL9/09/20231600gWFA-G2130.15910E JusufovicPinstriped2
FLEM20/05/20231100sBM-90160.5566E JusufovicVongole 
FLEM20/05/20231600sBM-10011258.56E JusufovicPinstriped 
SANL15/04/20231600sSW&P123.3602E JusufovicPinstriped 



Over the last year, which rider has been the most successful in Group 1 races, aside from James Mc Donald?

The answer is in the table below. Two share that honour, Michael Dee and Mark Zahra, both with 4 Group 1 wins in the last 12 months. (Again, a simple click will give you the details.)


 Group races               
Last 12 monthsGroup 1Group 2Group 3ListedTotal
1Jamie Kah118 5.6223 8.7529 17.2028 0898 8.2
2Kerrin McEvoy028 0029 0347 6.4431 12.97135 5.2
3Billy Egan110 10012 0314 21.4420 20856 14.3
4Jamie Spencer00000000010 0
5Ben Melham317 17.6422 18.2429 13.8631 19.41799 17.2
6Ben Allen012 0133.300111 9.1235 5.7
7Blake Shinn124 4.2228 7.1844 18.2532 15.616128 12.5
8Michael Dee430 13.3429 13.8343 7548 10.416150 10.7
9Damien Oliver224 8.3021 0331 9.7227 7.47103 6.8
10James McDonald943 20.9836 22.21056 17.9435 11.431170 18.2
11Mark Zahra428 14.3528 17.9429 13.8427 14.817112 15.2



With respect to a jockeys long term Group 1 record, how have they performed over the last 15 years. Here, James McDonald is the clear leader as you can see from the first table above, and if you want his more recent details just one click does the trick, showing his last 15 rides and the previous 5 wins.


FLEM7/11/20233200gGROUP1231723.358.52C Maher & D EustaceGold Trip1
 Melbourne Cup (G1)  
FLEM4/11/20231600gFM-G11621578C J WallerAtishu1
 Empire Rose Stakes (G1)  
FLEM4/11/20231200g3YO-G11631.4572C J WallerShinzo1
 Coolmore Stud Stakes (G1)  
FLEM4/11/20232500g3YO-G11610.1575C J WallerRiff Rocket1
 Victoria Derby (G1)  
MVAL28/10/20232040gWFA-G11210.1597C S ShumRomantic Warrior1
 Cox Plate (G1)  
MVAL28/10/20231200gWFA-G1623.356.55C Maher & D EustaceI Am Me1
 Manikato Stakes (G1)  
CAUL21/10/20232400gGROUP1181714.35415C J WallerFrancesco Guardi1
 Caulfield Cup (G1)  
RAND14/10/20231600gWFA-G11412.7572C J WallerFangirl1
 King Charles Ill Stakes (G1)  
FLEM7/10/20232000gSWP-G11643.95910C S ShumRomantic Warrior1
 Turnbull Stakes (G1)  
RAND30/09/20231600g3F-GP112106.75611J G SargentUnique Ambition1
 Flight Stakes (G1)  
RAND30/09/20231600gGROUP118187.455.512C J WallerGoing Global1
 Epsom Handicap (G1)  
RAND19/08/20231400sWFA-G11610.25710C J WallerFangirl1
 Winx Stakes (G1)  
EFRM10/06/20231400gGROUP118104.55611James CummingsVilana1
 Stradbroke Handicap (G1)  
EFRM10/06/20231600g2YO-G11732.3576C J WallerTannhauser1
 J.J. Atkins (G1)  
EFRM3/06/20232200g3F-GP118189956.515C J WallerSuper Chilled1
 Queensland Oaks (G1)  
EFRM27/05/20232400g3YO-G11812574C J WallerKovalica1
 Queensland Derby (G1)  
HKST30/04/20232000gGROUP1712574C S ShumRomantic Warrior1
 The QEll Cup (Turf)  
ROSE18/03/20231500gWFA-G11110.45911James CummingsAnamoe1
 George Ryder Stakes (G1)  
RAND25/02/20231600gWFA-G11211.3593James CummingsAnamoe1
 Chipping Norton Stakes (G1)  
HKST11/12/20222000gWFA-G11214.5577C S ShumRomantic Warrior1
 The Longines Hong Kong Cup (Turf)  


Wizard Plus provides a wealth of information in its Stats and Facts reports, as well as its dedicated jockey and trainer reports. It's all there!


Research Trainers Key Factors (NSW metropolitan)

Today we continue an examination of the most successful trainers in Australia and zero in on the key form factors we consider when assessing the claims of a runner they have in a race.

This article looks at the 2022-2023 trainers ranked 1 to 20 in the NSW metropolitan premiership table (Mark Newnham was omitted as he has relocated to Hong Kong), with Matthew Dunn added.

The key factor we will examine:

  • Finish position at last start.

In the table below we show for each trainer the percentage of winners for each category and the Impact Value associated with that percentage.

An explanation of how the IV is calculated was provided in the Wizard Report on Wednesday 8 November, and can be accessed in the Wizard Daily Report Archive.


Finish position last start        
Trainers - NSW        
Chris Waller19.61.417.71.311.
G Waterhouse, A Bott22.
James Cummings20.
C Maher, D Eustace21.
Bjorn Baker22.51.419.
Annabel Neasham19.
Joseph Pride20.21.418.
M, W, J Hawkes22.01.321.61.312.50.811.60.7
G Ryan, S Alexiou20.81.318.
John O'Shea22.31.320.
Peter, Paul Snowden19.
Kris Lees19.91.320.51.313.
Matthew Smith16.81.417.
Brad Widdup16.
John Sargent15.91.317.31.410.
David Payne13.71.314.
Michael Freedman*22.21.3*15.60.917.21.0**5.30.3
John Thompson13.
Nathan Doyle23.01.319.
Matthew Dunn18.

* fewer than 100 runners

** fewer than 50 runners

Again, whilst there are some interesting variations in the table, the takeaway from this analysis is how important good recent form is in maximizing the strike rate for trainers across the board. The trainers at the top of the table, in particular, are good examples.


Wizard Research - Australian trainers analysed - (Western Australia - seasons comparison)

Today we look at the top trainers on Western Australian metropolitan and provincial tracks, comparing results for the full 2022-2023 season to the current 2023-2024 season. (Note: Stats for WA country tracks have been omitted as the number of wins and starts in the current season is just too small for any meaningful comparison.)


 WA Trainers        
 Season 2022-2023 Current 2023-2024  Season 2022-2023 Current 2023-2024 
 Metropolitan Metropolitan  Provincial Provincial 
 Trainerwin%Trainerwin% Trainerwin%Trainerwin%
1Neville Parnham9.5Grant, Alana Williams27.4 Adam Durrant18.0Peter Fernie15.7
2Simon A Miller17.2Neville Parnham8.4 Daniel, Ben Pearce22.1Grant, Alana Williams24.5
3Adam Durrant12.6Simon A Miller16.9 Peter Fernie15.6Adam Durrant17.9
4Daniel Morton18.0Sean, Jake Casey14.8 Steve Wolfe17.9Daniel, Ben Pearce11.2
5Steve Wolfe13.9Dion Luciani17.9 Roy Rogers13.7Takahide Ikenushi43.8
6Daniel, Ben Pearce11.9Darren McAuliffe13.5 David Harrison19.8Ashley Maley17.1
7Grant, Alana Williams16.4Chris, Michael Gangemi12.3 Neville Parnham12.9David Harrison14.9
8David Harrison11.3Trevor Andrews22.2 Grant, Alana Williams22.9Peter Fernie40.0
9Sean, Jake Casey15.3Luke Fernie12.8 Daniel Morton20.7Jim Taylor30.0
10Dion Luciani22.0Steve Wolfe10.0 Brett Pope10.8Daniel Morton20.7
11Luke Fernie11.6David Harrison9.0 Ashley Maley9.9Luke Fernie12.8
12Darren McAuliffe14.8Ross Price45.5 Helen Harding5.7Jordan Rolfe40.0
13Chris, Michael Gangemi9.4Summer Dickson17.2 Josh Brown19.2Susan Olive26.7
14Colin Webster14.3Meryl Hayley21.1 Jim Taylor18.2Aaron Pateman25.0
15Michael Grantham14.6Donna Riordan21.1 Simon A Miller24.1Trevor Andrews25.0
16Stephen Miller12.5Stefan Vahala19.0 Darryn Pateman13.5Darryn Pateman21.1
17Ashley Maley7.6Colin Webster16.7 Julia Martin21.1Willie Parker18.2
18Trevor Andrews14.6Peter Fernie13.8 Carey Martin15.4Trevor Tasker12.8
19Mitchell Pateman17.9Daniel, Ben Pearce7.4 Michael Grantham12.8Helen Harding9.1
20Michael Lane13.0Daniel Morton5.7 Tiamna Robertson12.2Mitchell Pateman13.6