Books worth reading - U.S.A. (times)

Wizard Daily Report and Research - Sunday, 10 December 2023.

  • Books worth reading - U.S.A. (times)


Books worth reading - U.S.A. (times)

After posting the suggested reading from American authors yesterday I received some requests to list what I thought might be some useful books on time/speed handicapping. Personally, I prefer weight-based race analysis and I have not sought out too much on the speed handicapping front.

However, I have some books on this subject; of them, those that I think are probably worth reading if speed handicapping is of interest follow.

(I dont have a copy, but I understand that Tom Brohamer's book Modern Pace Handicapping is a good follow-up to the Howard Sartin publication.)


Author: Andrew Beyer

*Picking Winners (1975)

 My $50,000 Year at the Races (1978)

The Winning Horseplayer (1983)

*Beyer on Speed (1993)


Picking Winners

1 The joy of handicapping

2 Handicapping primer

3 Larceny and betting coups

4 Track biases

5 Trainers

6 The horses appearance

7 Speed Handicapping I

8 Speed Handicapping ll

9 Speed Handicapping lll

10 Class

11 Money management

12 Putting it all together


Beyer on Speed

1 The value of speed figures

2 Probabilities and patterns

3 How was the figure earned

4 How will he run today

5 The mathematics of pace

6 Turf racing

7 Exotic betting strategy

8 A week in Las Vegas


Author: Huey Mahl

The Race is Pace (1983)

1 A new start

2 The odds o pickin

3 Horsepower

4 Physiology and fitness

5 Conditions

6 Think pace!

7 Condition and variant


Author: Joe Cardello

*Speed to Spare (2003)

1 Beyer basics

2 Top Beyers

3 Beyer bounces

4 Beyer patterns and cycles

5 Beyers on grass

6 Thinking Beyer

7 Beyer limits


Author: Michael Pizzolla

*Handicapping Magic (2000)

1 The seven illusions

2 The seven magic questions

3 Preparing yourself

4 Pace makes the race

5 Balanced speed ratings

6 Form cycle windows

7 Projected power fraction

8 Magic of pace and position

9 Magic on the grass

10 Magic of the true overlay

11 Magical day at the races

12 Betting, money management, creating value


Author: Howard G. Sartin

*The Dynamics of Incremental Velocity and Energy Exertion

1 Matter of terminology

2 Dynamics of incremental velocity

3 Categories of variant defined

4 Making a track win energy profile

5 Incremental velocity

6 Distance adjustments

7 Pace races within the race

8 Summary of important factors

9 Variant and class adjustments


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