Betting Markets (part 9)

Wizard Daily Report and Research - Thursday, 28 December 2023.

Betting Markets (part 9)

Betting Markets - Firmed, Steady, Eased - Meeting summary

Today continuing the analysis of betting market moves, detailing the market action of the starting price favourite at the final four meetings to be covered from Saturday, December 16.

We are looking at the odds available at two time points during betting and at the end point of betting, the starting price.

In the following tables is shown the market action of the race favourite in four meetings run on Saturday, December 16.


Table - Market Action - Race favourites

 RaceStarters30m15m5mSPSP oddsFinish


30m - the odds available at 30 minutes before race start.

15m - the price movement between the odds available at the 15m compared to the 30m mark.

5m - the price movement between the odds available at the 5m compared to the 15m mark.

SP - the price movement between the starting price compared to the 5m mark.

(to be continued)


Warren - Wiz-Ed

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