Betting Markets (part 10)

Wizard Daily Report and Research  - Friday, 29 December 2023.

Betting Markets (part 10)

Betting Markets - Firmed, Steady, Eased - Meetings summary.

Today, summing up the analysis of betting market moves of the meetings covered on Saturday, December 16.

First, a reposting of the summary table posted a few days back of the aggregated data from the five days covered, showing the percentages appropriate to each situation.


Table - Aggregated market movements at 15m and 5m before race start - firming, steady, easing.

at 15m from 30m             
  at 15mat spat spat spat 15mat spat spat spat 15mat spat spat sp
  fr 30mfr 15mfr 15mfr 15mfr 30mfr 15mfr 15mfr 15mfr 30mfr 15mfr 15mfr 15m
at 5m from 15m             
  at 5mat spat spat spat 5mat spat spat spat 5mat spat spat sp
  fr 15mfr 5mfr 5mfr 5mfr 15mfr 5mfr 5mfr 5mfr 15mfr 5mfr 5mfr 5m


Now, taking a closer look at the SP favourite, categorised by its final status - firmer, steady, easer - across the five days, December 16 to December 20.

Here it is important to note that this is very unlikely to be a representative sample of betting movements over the last 30 minutes of wagering.

Table - SP favourite - firmer, steady, easer - December 16 to December 20

overallfsefsefirm7327  37%15  21%4  5%27  37%
overallfsefsesteady147  50%4  29%1  7%2  14%
overallfsefseease4013  33%8  20%6  15%13  33%

fse = any of firm, steady, ease

Despite the short-term nature of this recent study, the data itself has proved interesting, and has encouraged me to research a longer period of betting fluctuations. Accordingly, I will commence a study of the full 2022-2023 racing season in the next article in this series.

(to be continued)


Warren - Wiz-Ed

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