Last start form - First four favourites - Wizard Rating

Wizard Daily Report and Research - Monday, 8 January 2024.

Last start form - First four favourites - Wizard Rating

These reports look at the performance of the Starting Price (SP) Favourite in relation to (1) its last start form and (2) its position in the market, and integrates the Wizard Rating (Wrat) into the analysis.

The results cover two full racing seasons, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

The analysis reports on the overall success rate of the Starting Price Favourite and how these runners performed when they ran as the Wizard 100 pointer.

The analysis reports on three age groups:

  • 2yo gallopers
  • 3yo gallopers
  • 4yo+ gallopers

In table-1 the last start finish position ranges are:

  • 1st only (LS win)
  • 2nd - 3rd place (LS 2/3)
  • 4th - 6th place (LS 4/6)
  • 7th - 10th place (LS 7/10)


                                                                                    Table 1 - Last start form  - Overall and Wizard Rated.

2yoLS winWinwin%LS 2/3Winwin%LS 4/6Winwin%LS 7/10Winwin%
Wizard Wrat1838546.4%nanananananananana
3yoLS winWinwin%LS 2/3Winwin%LS 4/6Winwin%LS 7/10Winwin%
Wizard Wrat128249638.7%239499041.4%74229940.3%1465940.4%
4yo+LS winWinwin%LS 2/3Winwin%LS 4/6Winwin%LS 7/10Winwin%
Wizard Wrat3013113637.7%4085149336.5%160653633.4%44815634.8%

* insufficient runners for meaningful result

na - insufficient runners for meaningful result


                                                                                  Table 2 - First four favourites - Overall and Wizard Rated

2yo1st favWinwin%2nd favWinwin%3rd favWinwin%4th favWinwin%
Wizard Wrat1838546.4%*631523.8%*30516.7%*1218.3%
3yo1st favWinwin%2nd favWinwin%3rd favWinwin%4th favWinwin%
Wizard Wrat128248637.9%52611121.1%2503815.2%1662012.0%
4yo+1st favWinwin%2nd favWinwin%3rd favWinwin%4th favWinwin%
Wizard Wrat3013111236.9%136129121.4%75610714.1%4825110.6%

* insufficient runners for meaningful result

na - insufficient runners for meaningful result


Again, these results show that there is an uplift factor in play when the SP favourite is rated 100 by the Wizard under these different criteria.


Warren - Wiz-Ed

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