Wizard Sample Reports

Wizard Sample Reports
  Wizard Header

The Wizard Header contains the key stats for each runner in each race.

  Wizard Header with Scratchings (available after 9:30am)

The Wizard Header - On race day – rerated and repriced, consensus panel is also updated

  Wizard Form

Above the detailed Wizard form for each race is information related to the horse/jockey combination, the track profile, horse running styles, and Wizard impact values.

The horse/jockey stats show the win and place record of the engaged jockey on the horse.

The individual runner Early Speed / Pace report shows how well each horse is likely to begin and settle early and how it is likely to be positioned during the race and in the run to the home turn. This analysis is based on a horse’s more recent race history, with an emphasis being placed on those races run over a distance similar to that of the forthcoming race.

Early speed is classified as F (fast), G (good), M (moderate), or S (slow).

A horse’s running style is classified as F (front runner), O (on-pace), M (midfield), or B (backmarker).

Using the above information you can then compare an individual runner to the Track Profile and see how well matched its running style is to the historical energy profile of the track/distance over which it will be racing. (Full explanation can be found here.)

The Wizard impact value is an index which is calculated by looking at the percentage of winners that possess a particular characteristic when compared to the percentage of winners from the group as a whole. So, with a Wizard impact value you can see at a glance how certain age/sex groups have previously performed in terms of the class/distance/location of the forthcoming race. A trainer assessment is also included. (Full explanation can be found here.)

  Wizard CSV Data File

The Wizard CSV is a comma delimited data file containing all the information in the Wizard Header plus some of the information from the Wizard Form.  A full explanation of the data fields can be found here.

  Wizard Personals

The Wizard Personal Print is a handy short form print that summarizes essential information about each runner. Usually one page per meeting.

Included for quick reference:

  • Form figures
  • Beaten margin last start
  • Age and sex
  • Barrier position
  • T (track), C (class), D (distance), W (wet track) indicators
  • In-the-money percentage
  • Trainer name
  • Jockey name with ‘winning jockey back on’ indicator
  • Weight allocated
  • Wizard weight rating
  • Wizard time rating
  • Wizard ratings panel points
  • Wizard assessed odds
  Quick Form